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Mediation Services

In mediation, an objective third-person mediator works with the parties and attorneys to attempt to resolve the ensuing family law dispute. Parties in mediation can successfully settle cases involving child custody, child support, custody modifications and enforcements, and property divisions and enforcements. The vast majority of family law cases resolve by mediation or other less formal methods of alternate dispute resolution. Cases that fail to settle at mediation normally lead to significantly higher litigation costs including attorney’s fees and costs associated with discovery, depositions and preparing the case for trial. Apart from reducing the financial costs of family lawsuits, the mediation process also allows individuals an opportunity to avoid the unnecessary heartache and stress of ongoing litigation.

Additionally, mediation allows the parties to have added control in the outcome of their case. While the mediator does not have the power to make a decision for the parties as in arbitration, she can be very effective at facilitating a settlement that is mutually acceptable to both sides. Since each side is able to openly discuss his or her concerns and desires to the mediator in a confidential manner, the mediator is in the unique position to be able to formulate an outcome that best meets the needs of both sides, as reasonably possible.

Attorney Farah Ahmed has settled countless family law cases as a mediator during her 10+ years of practice as a family law attorney. If you are interested in mediating your family law dispute with Farah Ahmed, please feel free to contact our office for further information. Due to ethical considerations of the legal profession, Attorney Farah Ahmed is unable to mediate cases where neither party is represented by independent counsel.

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