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Round Rock Child Custody Lawyers

Child custody decisions are of vital importance in any divorce proceeding. At Patricia L. Brown & Associates in Round Rock, Texas, we will help you with that decision-making process and look out for the best interests of your children.

Contact our Round Rock child custody attorneys to schedule an initial consultation. You do not need to drive to Austin for experienced and quality legal representation.

Child-Focused Attorneys

Our practice related to custody is child-focused as opposed to parent-focused. Parents embroiled in a divorce need to take a step back, put their egos aside and focus on what is best for their children. Decisions regarding their children’s lives should be made with cooperation in mind. Arguing over money issues or who was at fault in the breakup of the marriage is irrelevant when you are dealing with the best interests and emotional stability of your children.

Changes In Circumstances? We Provide Assistance With Modifying Your Custody Agreement.

While divorce ends with a final decree, there are often instances where modifications are necessary in visitation, child support and custody arrangements. If a parent remarries or moves, those issues must be addressed through post-decree modifications. A loss of a job or a new, better-paying job necessitates alterations in the agreements as well. Modifications in custody are complicated, and you must show a significant change in the circumstances. Our attorneys can help you with legal issues following your divorce.

Contact Our Williamson County Visitation Attorneys

For more information or to schedule an appointment regarding child custody and child support, please contact our lawyers online or call 512-436-0826 or toll-free at 866-369-3211.