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Family Law and Divorce Attorneys In Williamson And Travis County

Since 1997, we have worked with many, many people in Central Texas with challenging family law issues. In every situation, we treat each new client as an individual and carefully tailor legal solutions to fit each client’s unique circumstances.

Attorney Patricia Brown and both of our paralegals, Paula Israel and Julia Rapp, are Board Certified in family law, all three having passed the challenging Texas Board of Legal Specialization’s family law qualification criteria and examination. We are the only firm in Williamson County with two Board Certified family law paralegals and a Board Certified family law attorney. Ms. Ahmed has been practicing family law in Williamson County for more than 10 years. Facing potentially life-changing circumstances, clients can be assured of the highest quality of legal support from our Board Certified team. Our economical DivorceXpress offering for uncontested divorce is handled entirely by our paralegals.

Helping people with delicate and sensitive divorce, child custody, support, visitation and related critical issues requires not only long experience, but also a deep understanding and knowledge of the Williamson and Travis county courts and their judges, who will make the decisions that can affect clients for the rest of their lives. The attorneys at our firm have provided quality legal services for clients in Round Rock, Austin and Taylor, Texas, for more than a decade.

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Lawyer Answering Your Family Law, Wills and Powers of Attorney Questions

We practice family, wills and powers of attorney, including:

Dedicated To Collaboration

For family law matters, we believe in and recommend mediation. Our goal is to avoid an expensive, lengthy and emotionally charged trial over divorce or child custody and support. Those issues can be resolved in a cooperative, not contentious setting using mediation. In our practice of family law, our attorneys are looking to resolve the issues through negotiation and mediation.

Prepared For Trial

An effective negotiation and a successful outcome becomes possible if you are prepared for a trial. Negotiation is only as effective as the willingness of the other side to come to the table and air their issues and problems. There are times when a trial is the only way to resolve a matter.

Once at trial, you will have an attorney who is prepared down to the last detail with effective strategies. Your lawyer will be ready to fight for you, your rights, your desired outcome and the best interests of your children. Your lawyer will be by your side to protect you and your interests every step of the way.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with a lawyer, please contact us by calling 512-436-0826 or toll-free at 866-369-3211.