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Helping Those Facing Divorce Later In Life

Many seniors are going through the process of divorce following retirement. The issues seniors face are different from those faced by younger couples. Seniors no longer have children living at home. Often, they have accumulated a large amount of assets and property. And sometimes they are responsible for raising stepchildren and other children from prior marriages. A divorce can drastically reduce the assets and finances available for you. It is important that you take your needs into consideration before finalization of a senior divorce takes place.

At the law firm of Patricia L. Brown & Associates, we understand the unique issues you are facing when going through a divorce later in life. Our attorneys have substantial experience in dealing with issues related to high-asset property division. We know what is at stake when a family business is part of the marital estate. Because of our representation of clients going back to 1997, we can deal with all of your family law concerns and provide you with a range of options for resolving your unique situation.

Life Considerations Following Divorce

Our lawyers will help you understand the process and focus upon the issues most important to you. We regularly provide services related to:

  • Property division and business valuation and asset division concerns
  • Alimony or spousal support matters
  • Rights pertaining to children, stepchildren and grandchildren
  • Division of retirement accounts
  • Health care concerns for elderly clients
  • Preparation of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements while factoring in your individual circumstances
  • Providing collaborative law and other alternative approaches to litigation

When facing divorce after 50, you will need to consider a number of short-term and long-term care considerations. Whether it concerns litigation, arbitration, mediation or a collaborative law approach to divorce, our attorneys will be there to provide you advice and representation every step of the way.

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