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Understanding The Collaborative Law Process

Collaborative law promotes cooperation and open communication to resolve sensitive divorce, child custody and child support issues. At Patricia L. Brown & Associates in Round Rock, Texas, our family law attorneys encourage our clients involved in a divorce to explore that option.

The Trauma Of Divorce

Divorce, child custody and support proceedings can be a traumatic process, especially when children are involved. Many parents have difficulties in being tolerant and respectful of each other and that spills into the relationships with the children. They must make an immediate choice as to how they will work together to raise their children as divorced parents. Collaborative law can be the first step.

Controlling Your Future

Entering the collaborative law process requires compromise and a willingness to be open to the issues that the other side presents. Perhaps a greater benefit in collaborative law is the control you have over the outcome. Putting decisions in the hands of a judge is akin to relinquishing control of your future.

Confidential Discussions To Promote Resolution

The process is confidential and is not a matter of public record as a divorce proceeding would be. Open discussions are encouraged, and nothing can be used against you within the confines of those negotiations. At Patricia L. Brown & Associates, we will help facilitate those discussions to find resolution through cooperation.

Option For Litigation

Entering the collaborative law process does not preclude you from litigating your divorce matter. If negotiations break down and you and your spouse cannot come together on agreements, then you have the option of going to court. It is important to note that everything would start over, as you cannot use the attorneys you retained in the collaborative process to represent you during litigation.

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