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Family Law Attorney Representing The Rights Of Grandparents

Grandparents can play an extremely special and important role in the raising of children. Unfortunately, when the parents of children are going through the divorce process, they may forget the valuable input and services grandparents bring concerning the children’s well-being.

The attorneys at Patricia L. Brown & Associates will work toward protecting the rights of grandparents. Our office will help you understand your legal options. We will communicate to courts what we feel would be in the best interest of the children when it comes to your relationship with them.

What Are Your Rights As A Grandparent?

The best interests of the child are at the center of many contested family law determinations. Texas allows for grandparents to petition for visitation with the grandchildren under certain circumstances. A family law judge will weigh various factors to determine whether visitation is appropriate.

In certain circumstances, grandparents can also seek custody of their grandchildren. This can occur if:

  • The environment at the child’s home may prove detrimental to the child’s emotional or physical welfare
  • At least one of the parents consented that a change in custody is in order

Grandparents often have the right to intervene in a custody action. However, this may not be true in all cases. Because such matters are often complex and contentious, it is best to discuss them with a family law lawyer who understands all aspects of custody cases.

Attorney Patricia Brown has been handling child visitation and child custody cases throughout Travis and Williamson counties since 1997. She will protect your rights regarding your grandchildren and, when necessary, seek custody of the child when the best interests of the child are at stake. And because she understands the collaborative law approach to family law matters, she can explore with you other options for resolving such disputes.

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