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Attorneys Providing Guidance Regarding Child Support Issues

Reasonable and timely child support payments are crucial to the ongoing well-being of children and both parents. At Patricia L. Brown & Associates in Round Rock, Texas, we will make sure the necessary and accurate information is used to determine your child support payments according to the relevant guidelines.

You do not need to spend one to two hours in traffic driving to Austin for experienced and quality legal representation. Proximity to your attorney and staff is often critical to ensuring excellent communications, relieving anxiety and reaching a favorable outcome. Contact our Round Rock child support lawyers to schedule an initial consultation.

In-Depth Understanding Of Texas Child Support Payment Guidelines

Under Texas law, child support payments are a percentage of net monthly income. The percentage is determined by the number of children for whom support is paid; it may be reduced if the paying parent has children from another relationship. All child support orders are now accompanied by an order to withhold wages. Payments continue until the child’s high school graduation or 18th birthday, whichever occurs last, with some exceptions such as disability or special needs of the child.

A noncustodial parent is also normally required to keep his or her children on his or her health insurance policy, to pay the premiums of the custodial parent’s health insurance if the noncustodial parent does not have health insurance, or to provide medical insurance if none is available through either parents’ employer. The cost of this insurance is deducted from net monthly income. A noncustodial parent may also be required by the court to purchase life insurance to cover his or her child support payments.

Although it may seem that child support calculations are easily determined and thus, a lawyer’s assistance would not be necessary, issues related to the calculation of net income, deduction of expenses and deductible payments can become very complicated, very quickly. For this reason, it is very important to work with our family law attorneys who offer substantial experience and knowledge of relevant Texas case law regarding what resources can or cannot be included in the calculation of net income. They are also quite familiar with the judges in Williamson and Travis counties, and this familiarity can be very useful.

We can also assist with seeking modifications of child support if and when circumstances change.

Contact Our Lawyers Regarding Support Payment Guidelines

For more information about Texas child support payment guidelines, please contact our Georgetown lawyers to schedule an appointment. Call us toll-free at 866-369-3211 or locally at 512-436-0826.