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At Patricia L. Brown & Associates, in Round Rock, Texas, we understand that the need to find a lawyer may mean that you (and perhaps your loved ones) are facing a stressful and anxious legal issue — one that may affect you and your family for the rest of their lives. Most attorneys are educated and must pass the bar exam — so how do you go about selecting one for you? Much like selecting a surgeon for an important surgery, pick one with long experience in the area you need help and one that is board-certified in family law. Only 1 percent of all the lawyers in Texas are board-certified in family law. Finally, select an attorney who actually listens with empathy and sensitivity to your unique circumstances. We treat our clients the way we would wish to be treated.

Providing Individualized Attention To Your Case

We have practiced family law in Travis and Williamson counties since 1997. We have long experience with the county courts and the judges who will make the decisions that can affect you and your family for many, many years.

Ms. Brown and both our paralegals, Ms. Israel and Ms. Rapp, are board-certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. We are the only family law firm in Williamson County with a family law board-certified attorney and two family law board-certified paralegals. Clients can be assured of receiving the most expert and experienced legal support.

We treat clients as individuals, not "cases to be managed," recognizing each of you have unique legal issues and personal circumstances. Our attorneys, paralegals and staff are hired with this philosophy in mind. Most have personal experience with divorce with children and understand the issues from both sides. Our clients typically feel a sense of relief after their initial consultation. They should have an understanding of their options and a path to resolution, which can help clients regain a degree of control, often lost when dealing with significant stress.

Providing Answers To Your Questions

When you hire us to be your family law attorney, we will first patiently listen to you and ask many questions to ensure our understanding of your unique situation. Our first objective is to resolve the issues to your satisfaction, as quickly and inexpensively as possible. However, in more contentious situations, our lawyers take an even more aggressive approach, studying and evaluating the other side, including their evidence and witnesses, all the circumstances surrounding your situation, then forming a sound and winning strategy. You will be intimately engaged with the formulation of the strategy and subsequent tactics.

I am an attorney myself. For nearly five years, Patricia has been representing my family in an extremely difficult child custody case. She has been there for us every step of the way. I would highly recommend Patricia to anyone needing a good family law attorney." More Testimonials

Family Law And Divorce Lawyers Developing Strategies For You

Our family law practice encompasses a range of divorce and nondivorce issues, including child custody and support, modifications of court orders, adoptions, prenuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements. We practice collaborative law and encourage our divorce clients to reach divorce settlement agreements in this manner. Doing so reduces your costs, speeds resolution, and creates far less stress and anxiety. However, if necessary, we will take your case to trial, and you can be assured of aggressive representation.

Creating Wills, Living Wills And Powers Of Attorney

Wills are one of those things we always put off to another day. None of us enjoy facing our inevitable mortality, or the prospect of incapacity due to an illness or accident, but putting it off is a disservice to your loved ones, whom you work so hard to nourish and protect. No one wants the impersonal "state" to settle your affairs or decide who will have custody of and care for your children. Do you want your assets disposed of in a way that would irritate you? Do you want your heirs to be fighting over the disposition of your assets, trying to determine what you would have wanted, or, worse, not caring what you might have wanted but fending for themselves?

For a modest investment in time and money, we can steer you through this process quickly, and put your and your loved ones' minds at ease. Wills and powers of attorney are not only for the wealthy but anyone who has children or owns any assets or property, which typically includes most of us. Each of us should have powers of attorney, a will, a living will and organ donation (if desired). As with everything we do, we will carefully determine each individual's or family's needs. These documents may be the most important legal documents any of us will sign in our entire lives. Simply downloading a form from the internet and filling it out could result in errors or critical omissions. Look into our Peace of Mind Package.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with a qualified Williamson County, Texas, divorce attorney, please contact us at our Round Rock, Texas, law offices. You can call us at 512-436-0826 or toll free at 866-369-3211.

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