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charlie the dog

Charlie is the firm’s legal dog. We believe every friendly family law firm needs a dog. Dogs are universally recognized as “man’s best friend”. They are devoted, loyal, joyous, fun-loving, and consistently offer unconditional love. If we could find a spouse with those qualities, divorce lawyers would go out of business.

Charlie was born on June 22, 2020, in McKinney, Texas, in the middle of the pandemic. We lost our devoted cocker spaniel, Brewster, after 16 ½ years of companionship and mutual love in December 2019. Dogs were hard to come by during the pandemic but our daughter in Plano came across a breeder of golden doodles. We didn’t know much about golden doodles but leapt at the opportunity. We thought we needed a calm, low-energy dog.

HA! Charlie joined us on August 22, 2020. Our daughter drove him to Round Rock. We quickly learned Charlie was the antithesis of calm, low energy. He has endless energy and seems to play all day. Not to mention extraordinarily clever and a quick learner. He eats anything he gets in his mouth, including, for example, a package of sewing needles.

Charlie has attended two 18 weeks sessions of puppy education at the Action Pack Canine Academy, graduating Magna Cum Laude in the spring of 2021. He is applying to a variety of law schools now.