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Do-It-Yourself (DIY) in Texas

by | Aug 9, 2021 | Cost of Divorce

You might be surprised that a family law firm would promote DIY uncontested divorce in Texas. Patricia L. Brown & Associates does offer low cost, fixed price uncontested divorce packages, DivorceXpress™ and DivorceXpress Plus™. Some folks cannot afford even those fees. We do recommend, if at all possible, that those doing a DIY divorce have an attorney review the documents before committing to them. A mistake can be very costly, perhaps for a lifetime.

Many people who desire to dissolve their marriage have a hard time doing so due to the stressful divorce process. Added to their frustration is the fact that traditional divorce is also costly. For these reasons and more, many choose to remain in an unhappy union that serves neither party.

This used to be the case in Texas until online divorce became legal in the state. Although not every court in Texas accepts online divorce forms, the practice is still legal, and there are courts in different counties that allow the dissolution of marriage online. If you live in Texas and want to end your marriage as painlessly as possible without incurring significant legal fees, an online divorce process is your best bet. Today, some of the best divorce companies offer their services to members of the public who need help like texasonlinedivorce.com in Texas.

Getting a divorce in Texas online

The state of Texas recognizes online divorce applications as long as the divorce is uncontested. An uncontested divorce is when both parties in the marriage agree to a settlement of all the issues. Under such a contract, the married couples agree to the divorce process and all the terms of dissolution.

If you have an understanding with your spouse and are in agreement regarding ending the marriage, you can save on the cost of divorce by filing for divorce online without an attorney.

According to Texas law, for a divorce to be approved, the couple must wait a mandatory 60 days after submitting to the courts. If you or your spouse does not object during the period, the judge will finalize the divorce, thereby making it legal.

Why are many couples turning to online divorce platforms?

There are many reasons why couples turn to online platforms for their uncontested divorce. Chief among them is that the process is fast and straightforward. Online divorce service platforms provide reliable document preparation services in minimal time and detailed instructions on how to file with the court.

Your documents are customized to the specific circumstances of your case. Some online services even offer help calculating child support, property division, visitation hours, and more.

How does an online divorce in Texas work?

If you aim to seek divorce online in Texas, you will be interested to know that the process is painless, fast, and affordable. As long as the divorce is a no-fault divorce with no contested issues, you have nothing to worry about. Here are the four steps to follow for online divorce in Texas.

Step 1- Pre Qualify

This is the first step every applicant must take before the process begins. Depending on the online website you use, you will first have to qualify for an online divorce. The online platform will provide you with a list of quick-fire questions that require Yes or No answers. These questions will determine whether you qualify or not.

Step 2 – Complete the divorce forms

Next, you will be asked to complete an online questionnaire to provide the online divorce company with the main details about your case. Some of the information you’ll be asked to provide includes:

  • Contact details
  • Residential address
  • Details about you, your spouse, and your children
  • Income information
  • Assets/Liability information
  • Childcare Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Duration of marriage

Please note that some extra information may also be required of you.

The information you provide will be used by the service to select and complete the necessary documents for your case. Many sites have your completed documents available electronically within two business days, ready to be printed and signed.

Step 3 – Sign the Documents

The document is only valid after you have appended your signature. You will need to make two additional copies of each document. Review the documents with your spouse. If you are both satisfied with the information, sign the documents in the presence of a notary.

Step 4 – File the paperwork

At this final stage, you may file the documents with the court in Texas using the website’s electronic filing system. If you use this medium, the site will submit the forms to the court on your behalf. If you don’t trust their system, you can submit the forms yourself at the courthouse.

Benefits of filing for divorce online

Here are some of the benefits of using a web divorce service when applying for a divorce.

Online divorce makes the process less traumatic

A marriage is a traumatic experience for anyone involved. Bitter splits and protracted disputes make it even worse. While traditional divorce is known to be chaotic and emotionally draining, online divorce is precisely the opposite. The paperwork is minimal and faster because both parties have a standing agreement that does not create room for dispute.

No need for an attorney

A web divorce does not require the presence of an attorney. The fact that you do not need an attorney makes the process much easier and far less expensive. That is why around 75% of divorcing couples now opt for an uncontested divorce. The online company will help with all the paperwork from filling out to filing, setting the foundation for a peaceful transition into a new lifestyle of being single.

You save money

One way to avoid debt is to go online. Incurring debt when going through a divorce is not an ideal scenario since this will make your transition into a bachelorhood a lot more complicated. With online divorce, you pay no legal fees to an attorney. The cost you pay to the website to prepare the documents is very affordable, saving you thousands of dollars compared to using an attorney. If you can draw up an agreement with your spouse without going in front of a judge to have your marriage dissolved, go online to save cash.

Enjoy professional support at no extra cost

Professional online divorce platforms provide clients with support services to make the process as seamless as possible. Good online platforms provide excellent customer support whenever you need it to help make the dissolution of marriage as painless as possible for couples.

Getting a divorce in Texas has never been easier than it is today. DIY divorce without an attorney has made getting a divorce very affordable, and the ease-of-use, speed, and convenience of online divorce services make it more painless than ever before. If you plan to file for divorce in Texas, do all you can to make it an uncontested arrangement by consulting your spouse to reach an agreement. In a no-fault divorce, you can save a lot of money, protect your privacy, and go through the process without unnecessary stress.

Source: EconoTimes