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One Simple Way To Reduce Attorney Cost

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2013 | Reducing Attorney Cost

Can you reduce your attorney cost? While it may be difficult to reduce your dental bills when you have a toothache or a doctor bill when you have the flu, you can absolutely reduce your legal bills with one simple trick: preparation. Doctors and dentists charge you per visit. With the exception of flat fee items, attorneys generally charge by time. It literally pays to get organized before seeing your attorney.

Before your initial visit, take a few minutes and write down the one or two key issues you need help resolving. Then write down the key elements of the circumstances leading to the issues requiring legal help. Bring any appropriate documents, depending on the issue. Financial or banking statements, for example, or wills and powers of attorney, or copies of any previous court orders, if appropriate.

Prepare and bring a list of questions for your attorney, on your initial, and every subsequent visit. This can save considerable time by keeping the conversation focused. You will be surprised how a modest amount of preparation can not only reduce your attorney cost, but improve effectiveness and speed of resolution.

Avoid frequent phone calls to your attorney. Such calls are often triggered by emotional events (particularly in a divorce), tend to benon-productive and end up adding unnecessary cost. Before you feel you must call your attorney, make a list of questions to focus on. One organized call will be more productive and less costly than three less organized or emotional calls.

For divorce clients, keep in mind with the advent of no-fault divorce, venting anger and frustration at your spouse, or trying to ascertain blame is not only fruitless, but consumes time and money. When you have such feelings (which are quite normal, by the way), talk to a friend, a family member, a therapist or a religious counselor.

We at Patricia L. Brown & Associates are as interested as you are in resolving your issues to your satisfaction as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as you are. You can help us do that.