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June 2012 Archives

Effects of Divorce on Health

The following article speaks to issues I have observed with numerous clients. Stress and anxiety have been identified by health professionals as significant catalysts for, or contributors to, physical and mental illnesses. On the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, divorce is ranked second only to the death of a spouse, and even ahead of such things as imprisonment and losing a job, in terms of causing stress, and resultant illnesses. I advise my clients going through a divorce to place particular emphasis on stress reduction techniques, including such things as meditation, rest, exercise, even counseling, along with a healthy diet.

The Top 10 Financial Mistakes To Avoid During Divorce

Here is an article from Nolo which addresses financial mistakes to avoid in divorce. There are many such lists but I find this one particularly useful. Divorce can cause stress and anxiety and research has shown that stress and anxiety can seriously affect one's judgment, even if normally financially astute. Before taking any financial actions while considering divorce, consult with your attorney. Your emotions many have already clouded your financial judgment.  Contact us with questions