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Parenting plans and child and spousal support payments are often ordered by the court in the form of an order or decree. However, when circumstances change, the attorneys at Patricia L. Brown & Associates in Round Rock, Texas, can assist you in modification of these orders to reflect your current situation.

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Should relevant circumstances change, Texas law provides for the modification of child support payment orders through a post-divorce modification. Although the burden of proving a modification is necessary can be difficult, such relevant circumstances include:

  • Remarriage or relocation of the custodial or non-custodial parent
  • Change in the custody arrangements so that the non-custodial parent is spending more time with his or her children
  • Loss of employment, demotion or promotion

Modification of alimony may be sought for similar reasons. Changes to the parenting plan are much more difficult: A "significant change in circumstances" must be demonstrated to justify modifications to custody and visitation arrangements.

It is important to remember that informal agreements to change the parenting plan or child support order are not recognized by Texas courts. To be enforceable, formal modifications to child custody and support court orders must be sought and obtained through the court system. This means that even if your former spouse verbally agrees to a reduction in child support, you may be held in contempt of court for violating your formal court order if he or she changes his or her mind.

To avoid these and other difficulties, it is important to seek the assistance of our experienced Texas lawyers when you are seeking a modification of your child support or custody arrangement.

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