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While divorce and other family law issues may tear families apart, the rewarding process of adoption brings family members together. At Patricia L. Brown & Associates in Round Rock, Texas, our attorneys have extensive experience in all types of adoptions and can help you.

Being a Parent

Being a parent is more than just a biological link. Many times, a mother or father will remarry and the child will develop a relationship with the new spouse. More so than a biological parent, that individual will provide a loving environment and perhaps give that child the stability he or she needs. Having a child is one thing. Raising that child properly and with love is quite another, whether you share the same DNA or not.

Stepparent Adoption

The most common type of adoption we handle at the Patricia L. Brown & Associates is stepparent adoption. The new stepparent has bonded with a child and that child considers that individual as much of a mother or father as his or her biological parent. If the parent not living in the home is deceased of disinterested in raising their child, we can help you.

The Adoption Process

The first step in any adoption is to terminate parental rights or the biological parent must give consent for another person to adopt their child. If the parent is unfit due to abuse or a criminal past and is not willing to give up the rights to their child, we will aggressively represent you and your new spouse to prove that you are looking out for the best interests of your children.

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