We Provide You With
Experienced And Effective
Legal Representation

Our attorneys and staff will listen with sensitivity and compassion and will fight tenaciously for the outcome you seek.

photo of attorneys Brown and Ahmed
photo of attorneys Brown and Ahmed
photo of attorneys Brown and Ahmed

We Provide You With Experienced And Effective Legal Representation

We Are Here To Guide and Support You

With the new outbreak of the Delta corona virus (COVID-19), we are very concerned with protecting the well-being of our clients, as well as our staff. While our office will remain open, we will continue to offer telephone and video conferencing for those clients or potential clients who prefer this mode and have the capability (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime).

The loss of jobs and income have added significant stress and tension to some families which were struggling before the crisis. Divorced families with children are facing disagreements about physical vs. virtual schooling, masking, and whether or not to vaccinate. Parents are debating how to handle government aid now being provided to children. We are ready to assist parents with managing these issues.

Recognizing these new challenges facing potential clients, we are reducing the cost of an initial one-hour family law consultation to $150 for either of our experienced family law attorneys, who have over 30 years of combined experience with Williamson and Travis County family law courts and judges.

When the stakes are this high, clients want an experienced Board Certified Family Law attorney. Family law issues and how they are settled affect a family for a lifetime. If you need heart surgery, you go to a Board Certified Heart Surgeon not a general practitioner or a novice. Ms. Brown and both firm paralegals are Board Certified in Family Law. Less than 1 percent of all the lawyers in Texas are board-certified in family law.

Our associate attorney, Farah Ahmed is a trained, qualified, and experienced mediator and we offer her mediation services as well.

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Providing Individualized Attention To Your Case

We treat clients as individuals, recognizing each of you have unique legal issues and personal circumstances. We listen carefully to our clients with empathy and sensitivity. We try to treat clients the way we would wish to be treated. Our attorneys, paralegals and staff are hired with this philosophy in mind. Most have personal experience with divorce with children and understand the issues from both sides.

After the initial consultation, clients will have an understanding of their options and a path to resolution, which can help clients regain a degree of control, often lost when dealing with significant stress. Our clients typically feel a sense of relief after their initial consultation.

We recognize that clear and frequent communication to clients is a critical element to maintaining peace of mind and our team is dedicated to keeping you advised, as we progress through the process together.

Ms. Brown and both our paralegals, Ms. Israel and Ms. Rapp, are board-certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. We are the only family law firm in Williamson County with a family law board-certified attorney and two family law board-certified paralegals. Clients can be assured of receiving the most expert and experienced legal support.

Family Law And Divorce Lawyers Developing Strategies For You

When clients hire us to be their family law attorney, we will first patiently listen and ask many questions to ensure our understanding of each client’s unique situation. We become intimately familiar with our clients’ circumstances.

Our first objective is to resolve the issues to our client’s satisfaction, as quickly and inexpensively as possible. We study and evaluate the other side, including their evidence and witnesses, all the circumstances surrounding your situation, then form a sound and winning strategy. Clients are intimately engaged with the formulation of the strategy and subsequent tactics.

A hallmark of our approach is preparation. We carefully prepare our clients for each step of the process. We study and analyze the opposing party, their attorney, and the court and judge that will make the final determination. From this, we craft a customized, tailored approach to meet each client’s individual objectives.

We strive and succeed to settle the majority of our cases through mediation, saving our clients the time, expense and stress of a litigated court hearing. However, if necessary, we will take the case to trial, and clients can be assured of aggressive representation.

In more complex cases typically involving significant assets or family businesses, we employ experts in taxes, valuation, and forensic accounting.

” I am an attorney myself. For nearly five years, Patricia has been representing my family in an extremely difficult child custody case. She has been there for us every step of the way.I would highly recommend Patricia to anyone needing a good family law attorney. “

Our family law practice encompasses a range of divorce and non-divorce issues, including child custody and support, modifications of court orders, unmarried parents rights, grandparents rights, same-sex legal issues, prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, and cohabitation agreements.

In addition to practicing the traditional litigation and mediation models, we also practice collaborative law and encourage appropriate divorce clients to reach settlement agreements in this manner. Doing so reduces costs, speeds resolution, and creates less stress and anxiety.

The attorneys at our firm have provided quality legal services for clients in and around Williamson and Travis Counties including Round Rock, Austin and Taylor, Texas, for more than a decade.